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Sup Y’all! Wanted to drop a line real quick to let everyone know that Black Digerati is undergoing a redesign. We encourage your feedback and any ideas you have that you believe can help the site serve you better. Either post a comment on the site or email the team at Mikey Digital Advertisements

It is official everyone! You can now follow Black Digerati on Twitter. The URL is Mikey Digital

I just finished reading an article about John Thompson who is the President & CEO of security company Symantec. The article basically talked about his career and how he worked his way up through the ranks at IBM, which ultimately led to his CEO position at Symantec. What I would like to share with you […]

Let me start by confessing that I am an Apple addict and I pretty much purchase close to every product they put out, including the 3G iPhone that I stood in line 4 hours to buy! So it’s only fitting that I would be currently reading this book (with all colored pages) called “The Cult […]

Many of you know of the blog I started on type pad called Digital Talented Tenth. What I’ve decided to do is give the site a complete makeover! For starters I moved the blog from typepad to wordpress for a host of different reasons. I also changed the name from ‘Digital Talented Tenth’ to ‘Black […]