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What’s up peeps?! I know a few of the original readers of the site still come to this site, but may not know that I completely redesigned the site and moved it to the platform for better functionality and design. You can check out the beautifully designed and content rich new Noire Digerati site […]

It is official everyone! You can now follow Black Digerati on Twitter. The URL is Mikey Digital

I am reading a great book called Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing by Dr. Jane Margolis from UCLA. The book is an investigation of three Los Angeles high schools: an overcrowded urban high school, a math and science magnet school, and a well-funded school in an affluent neighborhood. What the research […]

 At the end of last year tech pioneer and Black Data Processing Association (BDPA) founder Earl Pace set down for a candid interview with Don Tennant from Computerworld. Below are some excerpts from that interview: In your experience, in what ways does racism typically manifest itself in the IT workplace? Computerworld demonstrated one with its […]

Good day my fellow digerati’s! I know I preach on my site about what we need to do individually and collectively to help increase our chances of moving up in the IT field, despite the odds. In addition to my pie in the sky rhetoric, it would be nice to hear about someone who looks […]

The next time you use a personal computer you can thank Dr. Mark Dean who co-invented components of the IBM computer. Dr. Mark Dean is vice president of the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, and senior location executive for Silicon Valley. Dr. Dean oversees more than 400 scientists and engineers doing exploratory […]

The new issue of USBE & Information Technology reports that despite the economic crisis, software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, network administrators, and IT security specialist remain viable jobs on job sites like It goes on to point out that those of us with the skill set for these jobs would find plently to choose […]