Fourteen African American Ph.D. Researchers in Computer Science


During Black History month 2009 Portland State University computer science professor Bryant York profiled 14 African-American males who are doing advanced research in computer science. These brothers are doing extraordinary research in everything from Network Security to Visual Data Mining. The 14 combined have over $32 million in research grant funding. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the brothers on the list by the name of Dr. Brian Blake at Georgetown University speak a week ago at the Tapia Computing Conference in Portland, OR during the Google session. He provided some excellent insight into resume/CV writing.

Also, a separate document about African American women researchers in Computer Science is being developed by a colleague of Dr. Bryant York. I will keep you posted on its development.

Click hereto view the pdf of the write up.

Mike Digital


One Response to “Fourteen African American Ph.D. Researchers in Computer Science”

  1. Bro. Lang — it is for posts like this one where you drop knowledge that isn’t readily available anywhere else that you earned the ‘E for Excellence’ blogging award!

    peace, Villager

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