Is Digital TV the new Digital Divide?


Black Enterprise recently released the ‘Analog to Digital Conversion’ statistics compiled by the Nielsen Co. As you all know the federal government is mandating that television viewers around the country convert from analog to digital technology. The results are causing some industry researchers to speculate that this transition period may create a new digital divide. As it stands now 12.5% of African-Americans and 13% of Hispanic households are not ready for digital technology compared to 8.4% of other households. The city of Houston, TX currently has the highest percentage (15.8%) of unprepared households while Ft. Myers-Naples, FL is the city with the most prepared households.

Honestly, I hope this transition period doesn’t turn into a mini digital divide because the African-American and Hispanic communities are already suffering from so many other digital divides. My hope is that the bill signed by President Obama delaying the conversion until June 12 and the $650 million for more converter box vouchers will prevent another digital divide from developing.

Mikey Digital

Source(s): Black Enterprise, Nielsen Co.


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