Is the field of IT bleak? In one word.. NO!


The new issue of USBE & Information Technology reports that despite the economic crisis, software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, network administrators, and IT security specialist remain viable jobs on job sites like It goes on to point out that those of us with the skill set for these jobs would find plently to choose from in cities like Atlanta, Houston (I would argue Texas in general), Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. Recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that five of the top 30 fastest-growing careers in the world are computer related. Despite layoffs, the IT workforce has grown by 10.2 percent in the past four quarters.

Now, the article I read in USBE is a sharp contrast to a recent article I read in NSBE Magazine called Blacks in Computer Science The Secrets of their success.’ The article did a good job of pointing out the increasing growth of African-Americans in Computer Science, even though the statistics used came from data dating back to 2006. However, I disagreed with their notion that the field of IT is bleak. For example, the article states ‘there are very few who would recommend that their son or daughter go into engineering or computer science because few see it as a high-growth field.’ The truth of the matter is we live in a information society where just about everything is driven by computers and technologyand we shouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. As my one of my Computer Science professors said in class last week, ‘the genie is out of the bottle on this information society that we live in.’ In other words, we live in a global world driven by technology that needs people like us with the skills to develop, implement and administer the technology of the present and future.

Me personally, I’m very optimistic that the Information Technology industry will survive this current economic downturn. My advice to us is to start preparing now for the IT jobs of the future, especially those that should come out of the IT initiative that the Obama Administration plans on implementing.

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