Is IT a colorblind industry?


Computerworld editor Don Tennant provided statistics in a recent article that could make some African-Americans in the IT industry wonder if race is still a issue when it comes to salary. How can this be, I mean we did just elect a black president right? I wish the answer was a resounding no in terms of race not being an issue in the IT industry, unfortunately the 2008 Computerworld IT survey paints a different picture. Don Tennant of Computerworld pointed out the following in his article:

there has been no improvement since last year, when African-Americans made up just 3% of the IT workforce, with their compensation hovering at about 14% less than that of their white counterparts.

Below is the audio (e.g. Hope Rising) from Don Tennant discussing the article he wrote. Also, to my fellow digerati’s, I understand what the statistics show, but don’t allow statistics to keep us from entering the IT field and knocking down one door at a time. I am sure that John Thompson of Symantec and Dr. Mark Dean of IBM all at to overcome extraordinary obstacles to get to the level of the IT industry they’re at now. Keep the faith and let us all continue the struggle for equality in pay and stature within the IT industry. 

Hope Rising

Special shout out to Milt from Blacks Gone Geek for first  breaking this story.

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