Words of Wisdom for fellow Black Digerati’s…


I just finished reading an article about John Thompson who is the President & CEO of security company Symantec. The article basically talked about his career and how he worked his way up through the ranks at IBM, which ultimately led to his CEO position at Symantec. What I would like to share with you are the words of wisdom that he had for African American men and women in Information Technology.

John Thompson’s words of wisdom:

  1. As an African American who works in Information Technology you must prepare yourself to perform in the Information Age and not get too focused on race.
  2. To do well in IT as a African American you must bring something to the job that trancends gender, race, and nationality and perform in a way that others want to emulate.
  3. Never set out to wear your ethnicity on your sleeve. That’s not the set of stars and stripes you want. What you want to wear on your sleeve is your accomplishments.

I encourage all of my fellow Black Digerati’s to focus on developing your technical hard and soft skills. Develop a passion for the work you do whether it’s writing a tech blog or building a new widgit, etc. Let your drive, passion and skill set define you in the Information Technology field, and not your race or gender or both.

Mikey Digital

Source: The Black Digital Elite by John T. Barber


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