Black Digerati: Dr. Raquel L. Hill

Raquel L. Hill, Ph.D.

Raquel L. Hill, Ph.D.

Dr. Hill is a Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the School of Informatics at Indiana University. I came across Raquel and her work recently while researching the Ph.D. program in Social Informatics at Indiana University School of Informatics. She received her Ph.D in Computer Science from the prestigious Harvard University and her M.S and Bachelors from the Georgia Institute of Technology. What stood out the most to me about Raquel was not that she got her Ph.D from Harvard, although that is very impressive, but the fact that her research and teaching is in the area of Information Security (which is one of my specialties). This is important considering the fact that blacks only represent about 4% of practitioners in Information Security based on research done a few months ago by Security Magazine. As I recall the research showed that women represent about 4% as well.

According to her resume, Raquel has 10 published works and recently submitted one called ‘The Power of the Admin Versus the Security of the User.’ She is also frequently invited to talks and asked to sit on security panels. Her professional experience consisted of stints in different roles at IBM (co-op student), Nortel Networks, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM Research, and Hayes Microcomputer Products.

I personally am happy to continue to see African-American women (also women in general) joining the ranks of Academia and Corporate in Computer Science and Technology that is a predominately white male dominated field. Hopefully the accomplishments of Dr. Hill and others will inspire young African-American women to consider a career in Science, Technology and Engineering.

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