Black Digerati: Ejovi Nuwere

Ejovi Nuwere

Ejovi Nuwere

Ejovi Nuwere grew up in the impoverished Bed-Sty section of Brooklyn. After watching a close friend gunned down as a teenager and his mother succumb to drugs, Ejovi began searching for an escape and found it in technology. By the age of 15 Ejovi had become a computer security professional working for an Internet Service Provider in Manhattan that he originally hacked in to. At age 21 he was already an accomplished security expert working for one of the world’s major investment banks. He later went on to work as a Security Consultant for prestigious security startup @Stake which was later acquired by Symantec.

Ejovi has appeared as a commentator on CNN and NPR and has been featured or quoted in Wired, Boston Globe, Businessweek, and MSNBC. Ejovi was one of Businessweeks top 25 under 25 in 2005. The article discussed his security company SecurityLab Technologies which provides security for the growing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone business. He raised the startup capital for SecurityLab Technologies through consulting. One of the focuses of the company now is developing security products for large companies looking to deploy VoIP calling to save money on telephone services.

SecurityLab’s first product will be a box that a company can install on its internal network. Overtime, Ejovi hopes to evolve his business into a hosted Web service. The first trial is already underway with a financial services company in New York City. By the way, I was first introduced to Ejovi Nuwere from reading his autobiography Hacker Cracker which you can purchase at by clicking here.

Below is Ejovi being interviewed by Dr. Bobby Austin [1 of 4]

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