The Black Digital Elite: African American Leaders of the Information Revolution


As a great supplement to the Black Digerati blog I found a book written by John T. Barber who is the Deputy Chief Learning Officer of the Ballistic Missile Defense University in Washington, D.C, that I would like to share with the Black Digerati peeps. The book is entitled The Black Digital Elite and it profiles the stories of 26 Black Technologists, business leaders, and power brokers who have been very influential in creating the present Information Age that we currently enjoy.

I am really enjoying reading the book and learning a lot about our history, innovation and contribution to Information Technology. For example, the next time you purchase an HP desktop or laptop, you can thank a black man by the name of Roy L. Clay, Sr! I encourage all readers of this blog to read the book for yourself and share the book and information in the book with others.

In other post to come I will profile some of the men in the book and also recommend a few other books about blacks in Technology to add to you library.

Mikey Digital


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  1. 1 John T. Barber

    Thanks Bro. Keep up the good works.

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