Digital Sisters (DS), Inc.


Research shows that the number of women in IT is disproportionately low when compared to their male counterparts. The number becomes slim to none when you factor in the number of minority women with careers in IT. I would point out though that the numbers are improving, so future female digerati’s shouldn’t let the statistics discourage them from entering the IT field. Anyway, to counteract this issue black digerati Shereen Mitchell started a non-profit organization called Digital Sisters (DS), Inc. The black owned organization was created to promote and provide technology education and enrichment for women and children who are traditionally underserved in this area.

This is done by providing women with needed life skills training and addressing the impact the lack of technology skills has on the family. The approach they take in teaching these life skills is through a participatory and interactive learning approach. The women that receive training through Digital Sisters can expect to participate in activities that provide hands-on experience in the computer lab so they can immediately apply those skills at home, at work, and or in their job search.

Here is a video clip of Shereen Mitchell discussing the Digital Divide in America:

Mikey Digital


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