Black Digerati: Dr. Kunle Olukotun

Dr. Kunle Olukotun   

Dr. Kunle Olukotun

Dr. Kunle Olukotun is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the prestigious Stanford University where he has been on the faculty since 1991. Olukotun founded Afara Websystems to develop high-throughput, low power server systems with chip multiprocessor technology. The company was later acquired by Sun Microsystems. He is responsible for developing the Afara microprocessor technology called ‘Niagara’, which is at the center of Sun’s throughput computing initiative. Olukotun has authored many papers on CMP design and parallel software and recently completed a book on CMP architecture.

Dr. Olukotun is featured in the September issue of FORTUNE magazine discussing the cutting-edge “multicore” microchips, which have gotten so complicated that companies like Microsoft are saying that software writers can’t keep up. Olukotun is confronting this issue through Standford’s new Pervasive Parallelism Lab. He basically states in the article that he believes the computer industry should be panicked, because at this point we don’t know what the solution to multicore microchips will look like and whether or not the microchips will be available to go into new machines.

He also leads up a project called Hydra which is a single-chip multiprocessor that combines shared-cache multiprocessor architectures, advanced integrated circuit technology and parallelizing compiler technology to produce breakthroughs in microprocessor cost/performance. To find out more about the Hydra Project click here.

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