Spelman College SpelBots Robotics Team


Who said that women (especially African American women) can’t be engineers and technologists? Well, if you believe this stereotype, it will be debunked shortly. I introduce to you the The SpelBots of Spelman College for Women:

Ashley J., Whitney O., Dr. Andrew Williams, Andrea R., Katrina S., Philana B.

Ashley J., Whitney O., Dr. Andrew Williams, Andrea R., Katrina S., Philana B.

The Spelman SpelBots Robotics Team is the first all-women and African American undergraduate team to compete in the International RoboCup Four-Legged Soccer Competition in Osaka, Japan (2005) and Bremen, Germany (2006). At the RoboCup 2007 Atlanta the SpelBots competed in the Four-Legged Robot Technical Challenge in three events: the Open Challenge, the Passing Challenge, and the Obstacle Avoidance Challenge. They tied for 2nd place with the University of Texas-Austin in the Passing Challenge. In impressive fashion, the SpelBots were one of 3 teams that completed a full, successful pass out of the 16 teams from around the world that competed.

The team is founded and coached by Spelman College Associate Computer Science Professor Dr. Andrew B. Williams. He is also the Director of the Artificial Intelligence, Informatics and Robotics (AIR) Lab at Spelman College. The purpose of SpelBots was formed to provide hands-on robotics education and research for women computer science students and to promote robotics and computer technology to the Spelman community. Their mission is to promote computer and robotics education and research by competing in the U.S. and International RoboCup 4-Legged competitions.

I commend the ladies and their coach because as a Computer Scientist myself I understand the focus, research and determination it takes for them to program robotic pups to do all the things that a human has to do in order to play soccer all without human interference!

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