Google to help bring Internet Access to Africa


Slashdot is reporting (according to the Financial Times), that Google has announced their support for a new initiative called O3B to ‘bring internet access to 3bn people in Africa and other emerging markets by launching at least 16 satellites to bring its services to the unconnected’ by 2010. This is a huge initiative that Google is taking on because according to Internet World Stats Africa has a population of 955,206,348 but only a internet usage of 51,065,630 (3.5%) compared to the rest of the world. According to the stats the internet usage growth for Africans from 2000-2008 is 1,031.2%.

‘The report states that the $750m project to connect mobile masts in a swath of countries within 45 degrees of the equator to fast broadband networks could bring the cost of bandwidth in such markets down by 95 per cent.’ This project is believed to possibly be the largest single investment in network infrastructure for developing countries in history. This is indeed an exciting project, however Google has went on record in stating that things like a fixed power infrastructure, PCs or OLPCs, technical support and skills, and useful content and services is needed for areas of Africa with lower literacy.

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One Response to “Google to help bring Internet Access to Africa”

  1. i like ya blog hope they bring it to the communities that needs it and not the privilaged

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