Black Web 2.0 or the Black TechCrunch!


Black Web 2.0 is a bonus to the community of black technologists, nerds and geeks alike! The site is founded by a friend of mine Angela Benton who is also Creative Director at Rushmore Drive. The site is really cool and the content is always up-to-date. Black Web 2.0 mainly covers website and application launches; culturally relevant Internet industry news; and mainstream Internet industry news from an African-American perspective. They also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture. Their mission is to bring to the forefront the wealth of exceptional innovation, talent, and ambition of Blacks in the technology/internet/interactive industries in an opinionated and authentic voice.


Please check out the site and join the Black Web 2.0 community on the CollectiveX Network. Angela has assembled an amazing team of contributors, which you can find out more information about below.

The Black Web 2.0 Team

Angela Benton

Markus Robinson
General Manager

Lynne d Johnson
Consultant & Hip-Hop 2.0 Columnist

Mario Armstrong

Jade E. Davis
Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer

Wayne Sutton
Contributing Writer

Mikey Digital


One Response to “Black Web 2.0 or the Black TechCrunch!”

  1. Thanks a lot Mikey, we really appreciate the coverage 🙂

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