Black Digerati: Dr. Paul Judge

Dr. Paul Judge

Dr. Paul Judge

Dr. Paul Judge represents one of the four percent of blacks that work in the IT Security space according to a July 2008 Diversity Report conducted by SC Magazine. I first learned about Dr. Judge while researching graduate programs in IT Security to apply to and saw a video of him speaking at a Georgia Tech security conference.

Dr. Judge is a Morehouse College graduate with advanced degrees in Information Security from Georgia Tech. He is a digerati (look it up!) that holds six patents and has 19 that are pending. Back in 2000 he joined at that time security start-up Ciphertrust as its Chief Technical Officer (CTO). The company primarily focused on e-mail security creating a product called Ironmail that brought around 3,000 clients in roughly five years.

Ciphertrust was eventually sold in 2006 to Secure Computing for $273 million. By October 2007 Dr. Judge left the organization with a vision and a desire to start his own venture, which he did in November called Judge Ventures. Most recently Dr. Judge co-founded and took on the role of CTO of new security startup Purewire Inc.

Purewire is primarily focused on developing security based solutions for the new wave of Web 2.0 applications. Dr. Judge stated in the August issue of Black Enterprise that attackers have moved to try and reach users through web activity versus solely attacking companies directly. The solutions developed by Dr. Judge and his team will sit between the user and the web.

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