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Here is a video of Spelman Spelmot creater and Computer Science professor Dr. Andrew Williams discussing his book ‘Out of the Box: Building Robots, Transforming Lives.

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Naquasia, Ariel, NeeCee, Jazmine, Mimi, Tajiana , Dr. Andrew Williams
Naquasia, Ariel, NeeCee, Jazmine, Mimi, Tajiana , Dr. Andrew Williams

The SpelBot robotics team at Spelman College recently tied for first place at the 2009 RoboCup in Japan. RoboCup is the largest event of research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the world. This talented group of ladies are coached and led by Spelman Computer Science professor Dr. Andrew Williams. Dr. Williams is the first African-American to earn a PhD in engineering from the University of Kansas. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Williams a few months ago at the Tapia Conference in Portland, OR. I mentioned to him the work I’m doing with Black Digerati and he was like, ‘oh yea I know about the Black Digerati site!’ He lives by the motto that you can do anything, which is what he instills into students at Spelman encouraging them to pursue the field of computer science and robotics. That level of encourage is what underrepresented minorities in Science and Technology need in order for us to succeed. Also, the ongoing success of the Spelman robotics team dispels the myth that women and minorities (specifically African-American men and women) either aren’t interested in Computer Science or don’t have the mental capacity to perform Computer Science research.

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Source: Spelman.edu

Below is a video trailer about the increase in mobile phone subscriptions in Africa called ‘Hello African.’ The video is courtesy of whiteafrican.com, Martin Konzett, and the team at ICT4D Austria.

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During Black History month 2009 Portland State University computer science professor Bryant York profiled 14 African-American males who are doing advanced research in computer science. These brothers are doing extraordinary research in everything from Network Security to Visual Data Mining. The 14 combined have over $32 million in research grant funding. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the brothers on the list by the name of Dr. Brian Blake at Georgetown University speak a week ago at the Tapia Computing Conference in Portland, OR during the Google session. He provided some excellent insight into resume/CV writing.

Also, a separate document about African American women researchers in Computer Science is being developed by a colleague of Dr. Bryant York. I will keep you posted on its development.

Click hereto view the pdf of the write up.

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This is a video of a report done by worldfocus.org that describes OLPC Rwanda’s plans to provide computer access to the country’s 2.3 million schoolchildren

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Black Enterprise recently released the ‘Analog to Digital Conversion’ statistics compiled by the Nielsen Co. As you all know the federal government is mandating that television viewers around the country convert from analog to digital technology. The results are causing some industry researchers to speculate that this transition period may create a new digital divide. As it stands now 12.5% of African-Americans and 13% of Hispanic households are not ready for digital technology compared to 8.4% of other households. The city of Houston, TX currently has the highest percentage (15.8%) of unprepared households while Ft. Myers-Naples, FL is the city with the most prepared households.

Honestly, I hope this transition period doesn’t turn into a mini digital divide because the African-American and Hispanic communities are already suffering from so many other digital divides. My hope is that the bill signed by President Obama delaying the conversion until June 12 and the $650 million for more converter box vouchers will prevent another digital divide from developing.

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Source(s): Black Enterprise, Nielsen Co.